We organized a hike and teambuilding activity for our team – a great idea to get colleagues interacting in a different environment other than the office, and a great chance to build stronger relationships within the team.

On January 27th, the team gathered at the Sea World at 3pm. Started from 3:30pm, We walked along the Shenzhen Bay to Shenzhen Talent Park. After that, we had dinner at Coastal City. It took us about 3 hours to walk 13 km to get to the restaurant. During the hike, we talked a lot about our families’ stories and shared our life and laughter.

Since as the team expands, it can be harder to connect with new members and stay on the same page. Team building is a way to bring colleagues together to learn how to communicate and build stronger relationships. We got to know each other so much better after the long-distance walk, which helped us bond with our team.

Thanks to every team member so we can have such a fun day out!